By Luke Pather -

Senior Business Account Manager (Digital Service & Operations Management) - Net Consulting Ltd.

The world of IT service management (ITSM) is rapidly evolving. As businesses strive to become more agile and efficient, they are increasingly turning to automation and artificial intelligence to help them manage their IT operations and service management. To meet this demand, IT Infrastructure & Operations Management is becoming increasingly important. In their recently released report, Gartner covered the critical capabilities and use cases that should be considered.

In this blog, we will explore the key findings of the report and how Net Consulting can help you evaluate how to best leverage an ITSM platform and solution.

Key Findings

The Gartner report talks about several key findings related to ITSM solutions. The first is that ITSM solutions must be tailored to the specific needs of the use case. This means that enterprises must assess their current and future needs and select a solution that meets those.

Additionally, businesses should focus on end-user/employee experience & engagement, as well as customer service whilst driving agility in infrastructure and operations.

The importance of leveraging automation and artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of IT infrastructure and operations is clear. The demand now sees ITSM platforms offering expanded workflow management and service operations insights, enabling the design, automation, management and delivery of integrated IT services and digital experiences.

Self Service capabilities allowing user to access and resolve IT service issues without manual assistance from IT support teams will be an important driver in the decision-making process, with obvious benefits. By reducing the volume of support requests, self-service can help to lower support costs and increase efficiency of workflows by freeing up support teams to focus on more complex tasks.

Interestingly, Gartner state that Infrastructure & Operations leaders will overspend by $2 billion on buying unused features of ITSM platforms in 2026, up from $1 billion in 2021 – this is where Net Consulting can help reduce costs for our customers, offering comprehensive audits to evaluate exactly what is and isn’t needed.

Critical Capabilities

The Gartner report outlines the following critical capabilities for ITSM solutions;

  • IT Support Enablement,
  • Multichannel Engagement
  • Adaptive Change & Release
  • Service Configuration Management
  • Service Reporting & Resource Management
  • Integrated AI
  • Workflow Automation & Integration
  • Case Management

As mentioned above, businesses should focus on end-user/employee experience & engagement, as well as customer service when selecting an ITSM solution. This means that the solution should be intuitive, easy to use, and should provide a seamless user experience.

Equally, when selecting the right ITSM solution it is important to consider the requirement of broader lines of business such as tracking of HR tickets, procurement, facilities, etc, whilst maintaining the ability to enable business ITSM practice and governance goals.

One of the key challenges facing ITSM is the increasing complexity of IT systems as businesses adopt cloud-based solutions and move away from traditional on-premise solutions. AI capabilities can help to address this challenge to IT operations management using machine learning and analytics to automate and optimise IT operations. By leveraging AIOps, organisations can reduce complexity and improve service quality as well as costs.

Finally, with the increasingly common drive toward being "digital-first enterprises", ITSM platforms will need to play a key part of the digital transformation project with multi-channel capabilities. ITSM platforms will need to support digital transformation through actionable insights and business agility with a customer centric approach to find success in today’s business and technology environment.

Use Cases

The Gartner report also discusses common use cases for ITSM. These include;

  • Service Desk
  • Service Operations
  • Business Workflow Automation

Furthermore, stating that businesses should leverage automation and artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and agility of ITSM solutions. This means that organisations should focus on leveraging automation and AI to automate routine tasks, streamline workflows, improve the accuracy of incident resolution, and reduce the time it takes to resolve incidents.

Business Workflow Automation is an interesting concept to be linked as inextricable to ITSM platforms. But, in the modern technology landscape businesses need to leverage ITSM Platforms to support broader digital transformation projects and initiatives. This can be done by consolidating multiple application systems, to achieve business goals.

At Net Consulting, we understand the importance of leveraging the latest technology to improve the efficiency of ITSM solutions. We have over 15 years experience in helping the most complex of customers, like the MOD, select the right solution for their requirements to implement and deploy those solutions efficiently through to a managed service. Together, we can help you uncover the best solution for your use cases and ensure that you are leveraging the latest technology to improve your ITSM solutions and service desk.

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“Net Consulting have been extremely flexible and willing to work within the demanding restraints necessary. They have also been able to successfully adapt the Riverbed and IBM solution to suit our specific requirements, such as the need for multiple security levels. The solution has been working well for around 2 years now and is a key capability for the MOD’s approach to service management"

Ministry of Defence

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“We needed to understand whether our applications could operate from a shared services datacentre. Net Consulting were able to give us the answers.”

Sheffield Hallam University

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"What Net Consulting provides us with is a baseline for where we are now. We can achieve our longer-term objectives with this robust foundation of information. It’s key to success, and that’s why we collaborate with companies like Net Consulting to build trust and deliver our outputs."

Ministry of Defence

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“The BlueArmour service allows us to see potential ingress paths an attacker can take into our network, as well as potential data egress paths. The service provides us with critical, prioritised information to quickly remediate issues."

Blake Morgan LLP

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“Net Consulting’s understanding of our requirement was evident through a superb bid and they showcased exactly the right approach. Clearly their Public Sector experience was transferable in terms of this engagement. Their cybersecurity expertise is very strong across the team, right from knowledgeable, technical and engaging leaders, through to their team of Floodlight SOC analysts. Net Consulting were under a very tight deadline, given the fact we needed to complete this piece of work within the financial year. They performed at a significant pace, were very reactive and agile, and never once let their high level of standards slip."

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